quality policies

Our management policy is framed in the design, manufacture and marketing products that provide comfort safely and reliably based on continuous improvement, always seeking to satisfy the needs of our interest groups in which we highlight our clients and workers as primary source for establishing adequate resources for the fulfillment of its expectations.

Working in this way, it is essential to generate well-being for our workers complying with current legal regulations, as well as the requirements contractual agreements established for our organization.


Santa Marta Project

We provide the most natural fire everywhere, even where you can't imagine. Discover our most surprising projects, carried out throughout Colombia. It is our experience and knowledge that allows us to create elements with design and a safe and beautiful fire anywhere in the world. Trust us, as many have trusted us.

More efficient chimneys

The main feature of these fireplaces is the improvement of the double slow combustion chamber system, this double chamber works by retaining the hot air for a longer time, reducing the speed of combustion, causing the wood to burn slowly, without losing power. caloric, thus producing fuel savings.

The heat produced by these units is a combination of radiation and convection (by movement of hot air particles from the coldest to the warmest place) which allows a greater distribution of it throughout the room to be heated.