Why have a gas fireplace….

These fireplaces are a very comfortable solution to heat your home. they light up
quickly without the need to use firewood, they are very clean and adapt perfectly to
decoration of your home. Gas fireplaces, as they do not need wood to light the fire, do not generate soot or
ashes, so you won't have to constantly clean them.

Gas fireplaces are perfect for small apartments as you won't need
allocate a space to store firewood. Also, you won't have to wait too long.
time for the fire to light, since these fireplaces have a pilot that
They generate flame as soon as you turn on a button.

They are easy to install but you need a connection to the natural gas network or connect it to
propane gas cylinders. Make sure you choose a fireplace compatible with the
supply your home.

They have many decorative possibilities. We can find them in different forms:
square, round, embedded in the wall, on two sides located in the middle of a large
living room.

These fireplaces begin to give heat before the wood-burning ones.
The consumption of gas fireplaces is less than that of electric ones.