Gas fireplace obi two environments

1 1⁄2” x 1 1⁄2” tubular internal structure and 3⁄4” x 3⁄4” square tube in 12 and 16 gauge.
Thermal shield for the bottom and upper volume of the chimney, ceramic mantle to insulate heat, matt black high-temperature paint finish.
Thermal fiber for upper hood and support hook.
Stainless steel connectors and copper fittings.
Imported vent-free stainless steel burner with internal Venturi that controls the air premix.
Safety Pilot System that prevents gas escape.
marble decorative stone

Color: Black

Heat efficiency: 7.5kw

Dimensions: 120cm x 85cm high

Broad: 50cm

Manufacturing option on measures

Material: 12 gauge metal walls in black or white. High temperature paint.

Color: Black White

Fuel of use: natural gas or propane gas (with cylinder)

Control: On-Off, flame levels, timer, thermostat and child lock

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Black White