Slow combustion Lignum 1000


Lignum Deluxe Line

They are fireplaces with a great work of design and efficiency, it is characterized by its clean, timeless and industrial-type lines. Manufactured with high-performance materials and excellent quality so that you can enjoy the art and pleasure of fire with peace of mind. This manual is a step-by-step guide designed to preserve your investment. Lignum Deluxe fireplaces generate a lot of heat because they have better wood burning efficiency, thus generating high yields. They are lifetime use fireplaces!

Description: Its operation is simple, similar to traditional wood-burning fireplaces. You only have to open the front door and introduce wooden logs into the hearth. Combustion (fire) will do the rest, and in a few minutes you will have the room with the perfect comfort temperature.

Measurements: 100 cm front x 58 cm high x 44 cm deep

Weight: 120 kg

Mark: Lignum by Chimeneas the Chalet

Heating Range: 100 m2 – 120 m2

Combustion is safe and clean according to EPA Combustion Emissions Certifications.

Power: 19.5kw

German Schott Refractory Glass to see the fire in the bedroom and heat transmission.

Quick Start.

Auto glass cleaning system

Includes a metal shovel to collect ashes

Material: Made of high resistance iron.

Color: black

Fuel of use: firewood

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