Lignum 330 & Installation Kit

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Description: Its operation is simple, similar to traditional wood-burning fireplaces.
You only have to open the front door and introduce wooden logs into the hearth. Combustion (fire) will do the rest, and in a few minutes you will have the room with the perfect comfort temperature.

Mark: Lignum, made in Colombia

Heating Range: 100 – 150 m3 (70-80 m2 in standard 2.5 m ceiling)
Combustion is safe and clean according to EPA Combustion Emissions Certifications.

Power: 10.5kw
German Refractory Glass to see the fire in the chamber and allow better heat transmission.
Fast Ignition (controllable forced oxygen inputs to stoke the fire).
Self-cleaning system (air curtain parallel to the glass that ensures internal self-cleaning of the glass).
Woodshed to store firewood.
includes a metal shovel to collect ashes

Weight: 38-40 kg.

773 mm height x 441 mm front x 491 cm depth

Material: Made of high resistance iron of 4 mm, 2.5 mm

Color: matt black Charcoal

Fuel of use: firewood

Kit includes:

2 stainless steel ducts of 120 cm and 15 cm diameter

1 wind control hat

1 pair of heat resistant gloves

1 ash scoop

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