Bioethanol burner for fireplaces-complete kit


Description: Burner for bioethanol fireplaces, ideal for adapting any fireplace to this new fuel, easy installation and very safe.
Ethanol fireplaces are a revolutionary concept that, due to the nature of the fuel, do not require ducts or discharge to the outside.

Due to the liquid state of bioethanol it does not need a connection or constant supply since it is retained by the burner in internal compartments, thanks to these characteristics it allows easy installation, mobility and relocation of it.

Rod with cover to level flame height and bioethanol consumption.

The product includes: 1 gallon of bioethanol, 1 long nozzle lighter, 1 funnel, 1 steel rod to handle choke cap, 15 kg. White Marble Decorative Stone
Due to the absorption function of the burner, the liquid cannot escape in the event of tipping over, so safety is guaranteed at all times.

Product made in Colombia

Dimensions: 60 cm (sizes available up to 1.20 cm)

High: 10cm

Material: Cr Steel

Color: Stainless steel

Fuel of use: Bioethanol

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