Santa Marta Project

We provide the most natural fire everywhere, even where you can't imagine. Discover our most surprising projects, carried out throughout Colombia. It is our experience and knowledge that allows us to create elements with design and a safe and beautiful fire anywhere in the world. Trust us, as many have trusted us.

More efficient chimneys

The main feature of these fireplaces is the improvement of the double slow combustion chamber system, this double chamber works by retaining the hot air for a longer time, reducing the speed of combustion, causing the wood to burn slowly, without losing power. caloric, thus producing fuel savings.

The heat produced by these units is a combination of radiation and convection (by movement of hot air particles from the coldest to the warmest place) which allows a greater distribution of it throughout the room to be heated.


Why have a gas fireplace….

These fireplaces are a very comfortable solution to heat your home. they light up
quickly without the need to use firewood, they are very clean and adapt perfectly to
decoration of your home. Gas fireplaces, as they do not need wood to light the fire, do not generate soot or
ashes, so you won't have to constantly clean them.

Gas fireplaces are perfect for small apartments as you won't need
allocate a space to store firewood. Also, you won't have to wait too long.
time for the fire to light, since these fireplaces have a pilot that
They generate flame as soon as you turn on a button.

They are easy to install but you need a connection to the natural gas network or connect it to
propane gas cylinders. Make sure you choose a fireplace compatible with the
supply your home.

They have many decorative possibilities. We can find them in different forms:
square, round, embedded in the wall, on two sides located in the middle of a large
living room.

These fireplaces begin to give heat before the wood-burning ones.
The consumption of gas fireplaces is less than that of electric ones.

Christmas by your fireplace

If there is an element of the home with which we directly relate Christmas, it is undoubtedly a fireplace with the fire lit and its surroundings decorated with socks, garlands and lights on.

Fireplaces have always been the perfect accompaniment to these family-friendly parties, in which everyone gathers around the fire to have an aperitif before dinner and settle down afterwards to sing Christmas carols and tell each other stories.

The space where the fireplace is located is the ideal place to decorate not only with Christmas motifs, but also choose to incorporate natural elements. The mistletoe and the poinsettia around the fireplace are the touch of distinction so that the fire captures all the attention and all eyes even more. A very fashionable plant is, without a doubt, the eucalyptus, in addition to the fact that with the heat of the fireplace it will give off a soft aroma that will invade the room. You can mix the different greens and add poinsettias to make their red color stand out.

If we think that the nerve center of the Christmas celebrations is going to be the fireplace, we must take into account that it is better to have the different elements with which we decorate our home. Why not put the Christmas tree near the fireplace? And the nativity, at your feet or on a shelf near the fireplace? In addition, it is the ideal place to place the socks where the gifts will be left. 

Undoubtedly, Christmas is the time to let our imagination fly and without a doubt, fireplaces must be enveloped in the Christmas spirit that invades all homes.

But if you still do not have your fireplace, at chimneys el chalet we will advise you so that you can find the perfect solution for your home. Merry Christmas!